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Sandi McCree Instructs Youth To Be Present

When Sandi McCree talks, students listen. “What got me to where I am… A program like this and being present and, that’s what I want for you,” she shared with youth during the 2023 She Ready Foundation internship program.

From series like The Wire, Criminal Minds and the New Edition Story, to coaching and casting, Sandi McCree uses the power of her voice and presence to make a statement. We asked Sandi to come in and support our youth in preparing a statement for life and she came with a force helping young people be present and find peace in their bodies.

During the class, Sandi coached She Ready Foundation interns into understanding what it takes to stand in front of a casting director and get a part. These skills not only could land them an acting role but the same skills could be used in every aspect of life. Speaking clearly, shoulders back and head held high, Sandi told the group of High School juniors and seniors that they must show up like they want the thing that they’re after.

This included being present, following directions and paying attention. At the end of the 90 minute class, youth were able to “slate” and make a statement as to who they are and what their aspirations were. We are honored to have professionals like Sandi McCree show up and show out for our youth. She Ready!

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