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Independent City Life Skills

We have volunteered with a process called

. They do incredible work to help empower inner city youth, teaching them invaluable life skills like budgeting and goal-setting. We gave away 100 pieces of luggage to participants. While it might seem like a simple gesture, these pieces of luggage symbolize so much more.

For many of the participants, this piece of luggage is the tangible representation of a dream they've been working hard towards. This is the physical object they can use to store all their important items when they're ready to make a life-changing move. Whether it's opening th renting an apartment, buying a car, or even taking a dream trip - this piece of luggage could soon be part of their story.

At She Ready Foundation, we are excited to continue to offer our services and be part of these incredible life moments for the inner city youth. We know that with each piece of luggage we provide, we're taking one more step towards making the dreams of these youth a reality.

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