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2023 Day of Service

Today was a special day at Ignited Light. As part of Day of Service, the White House’s annual event dedicated to giving back and volunteering, we partnered with Ignited Light to give away $50 gift cards and books to children in foster care and their guardians.

It was inspiring to witness the joy and surprise of the children receiving their gifts, and we were very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event. It showed us the importance of giving back and made us even more aware of the positive effects of volunteering.

We can’t thank Ignited Light enough for their assistance in making this day such a success. The kids in foster care are already going through so much, and these gifts and books brought so much light and joy into their lives. It was terrific to contribute and be part of a program that aims to spread happiness and smiles.

We hope this experience serves as a reminder to keep volunteering and doing whatever we can to help the community. It indeed was an honor to take part in this special event!

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