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Prom Day 2023

We are overjoyed to report that, in celebration of International Women’s Day, our partnership with the Assistance League of Los Angeles has made a big difference in the lives of over 200 high school students in need.

These students have been through immense hardship—some homeless, some in foster care, and some experiencing extreme financial hardship. All of these children need special care, understanding, and compassion. That is why we made it our mission to give back on International Women’s Day, putting a smile on as many faces as we could.

What’s truly incredible is how resilient and strong these kids are, in spite of the overwhelming challenges that come with living in foster care and in poverty. They should not be ashamed or labeled; instead, we should strive to ensure that these students have access to the same opportunities and resources that the majority of the population enjoys.

At our event, we wanted to make sure each of the students felt supported, empowered, and accepted. It was incredibly touching to see all the smiles on those faces and to feel the connection with these children. With our help, and the continued assistance of the Assistance League of Los Angeles, we believe that all these students will have brighter and happier futures ahead.

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