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Stay tuned for the 2024 digital book recapping the unforgettable She Ready Foundation Prom!

Providing resources
for youth impacted

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We’re creating exciting restorative programs to “love up” on youth and transitioning adults impacted by the foster care system.

Our programs provide educational and emotional support, specifically throughout the state of California, where the foster care population is one of the largest in the country.

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Our Mission

To inspire, protect, and provide resources for youth
impacted by foster care.

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We need YOU

The She Ready Foundation wants YOU to volunteer. Sign up to be one of our volunteers with our program partners or directly with the foundation.

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Actress • Producer • Author • Comedian

Meet the Founder

Tiffany Haddish knows all too well what it’s like to move from home to home in the middle of the night with all of her belongings packed in garbage bags feeling like the world has forgotten about her.  That’s why she created the She Ready Foundation to empower, support and encourage children living in the foster care system.  

Join She Ready Foundation Today

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