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Life Leadership Academy offers a comprehensive program in two levels: Access and Elevate. Access provides young adults with essential life and career skills, covering mindfulness, health, financial literacy, and job training. Elevate builds on this foundation with advanced courses and deeper focus on professional development, preparing participants for successful and productive futures.

Why Should I Apply?


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Where young adults build essential life, job, and career skills. Through diverse courses in mindfulness, health, financial literacy, and career exploration, participants embark on a journey of personal growth. Prepare for success with resume writing, office etiquette, and networking skills for productive futures.

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Dive into Life Leadership Academy:

Our advanced program for personal and professional growth. Building on Access, Elevate offers deeper courses in mindfulness, health, financial literacy, and advanced career development. Empower yourself with leadership tools and support to reach your fullest potential.


ACCESS is the foundational level of our comprehensive program designed to equip you with essential life and job/career skills.

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  • 6-8 week hybrid progam - 90 mins per week

  • Journey of personal growth and development through a diverse curriculum

  • Strong foundational learning leading to infinite  ELEVATE workshops

  • Small group classes cater to the unique needs of each cohort and individual

  • Every participant receives the support and knowledge they need to thrive with guides


  • Self Assessment, Awareness & Esteem

  • Effective Communication & Listening Skills

  • Personal Responsibility & Accountability

  • Independence vs Codependence

  • (Un)Healthy Relationship building

  • Self-Care, Health & Hygiene

  • Understand Purpose & Find Your Passion

  • Social Media: Bulding Your Image and Brand

  • Setting Up For Success

  • The Financial Literacy Guide

  • Money Management

  • Micro-Agressions & Self Sabotage

  • Compassion, Tolerance & Diversity

  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Personal Boundaries & Goal Attainment

  • Learning the Power of Your Voice

  • Entrepreneur vs Employee

  • Careers You May Not Know Of

  • Job Seeking & Finding

  • Nailing The Interview

  • Resume Writing and Upkeep

  • Now You’ve Landed the Job How To Keep It

  • Moving On Up In Your Career

  • Now I’m On My Own, What’

Copy of Copy of Try Magic Design (1).png
Copy of Copy of Try Magic Design.png

Unlock Your Potential with Life Leadership Academy

Join the Life Leadership Academy to gain essential life, job, and career skills. Start with our Access program to build a strong foundation with courses on mindfulness, health, financial literacy, and career training. Then advance to Elevate for in-depth development and advanced career skills.


If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to lead a session, become a sponsor for the Life Leadership Academy, or sign up to join, select the following options to contact us today.

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